Here is the list for active jury members in 1st edition of Online Song Contest

Note: * means this person is first jury member for specific country who chose the song for OSC 1.

Australia Craig Johnstone
Austria René
Bosnia and Herzegovina Noah Bajric
Estonia Jarmo Siim
France Xavier Chiraux
Germany Stefan Heinze
Greece Nikos Tzannos
Bryan Craythorne*,
Italy Sergio Belli
Kazakhstan Andy Mikheev
Lithuania Gerda Hincaite
Macedoni.jpg (956 bytes)Macedonia Antoine Goran Assante
Malta Deo Grech
Netherlands Ruben Konijn
Norway Trond Inge Skara
Poland Pawel Wolski
Portugal Pedro Sa
Romania Michael Kuipers
Russia Evgenij Kljuchnikov
Slovenia Andrej
Frank Twain*,
Tristan White
Senol Gurleyuk,
Orhan Ozmut
Great Britain
Colin Acton
Serbia and Montenegro Miroslav Luburic
Public Jury Was formed from members of Yahoo group, not assigned to specific countries.

More details on OSC members you can find in Database section of Yahoo! group Onlinesongcontest.