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Well done to Orhan Ozmut, the designer of OSC 10 logo A for winning this edition of the OSC 10 Logo Competition. His logo is now the official logo for this 10th edition of OSC and should be used on all pages related to OSC 10.

Thanks to the rest of players who took part in designing the other logos and of course also to the rest of players who casted their votes - without which this competition would have never been possible. thanks again!

Logo A was also the winner in the semifinal; with logo B in 2nd place and logo C in third place.

Let's see the results from the semifinal here:

logo-A: 33.33%
logo-B: 26.67%
logo-C: 20%
logo-D: 13.33%
logo-E: 6.67%

Orhan here was both FIRST and LAST...being the designer of both logos A and E!! :)

Thomas Petersen, designer of logo-B and Orhan Ozmut, designer of logo-A made it to the final round of this competition, from which Logo-A was proclaimed winner with the following result: logo-A: 64.29% logo-B: 35.71%

A word of mention should go also to Victor (Designer of Logo-C) and Stefan (Designer of Logo-D). WELL DONE GUYS!

On with the show now....