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Country Player OSC 46

Klajdi & Gentrit

My name is Klajdi Heta and I'm born in capital of Albania on June 2nd, 1996. Just like everybody else, I can't stand one day without my headphones on. I joined OSC because I feel like promoting the beautiful Albanian music, but also listening to other songs from different countries.

Argentina Fabio

Alla & GABriel





Thomas - 22 years old.
Sound & Light Engineer/Operator in real life so I always enjoy watching the stage and lights during the contest!
Representing Belgium since OSC 45.

Brazil Marcos
Canada Tyler  
Colombia Daniel  
Denmark Tony Immanuel
France Antoni
Greece Nikos
Hungary Robert
Ireland Bryan  

Tal & Yuri

Italy Sergio  
Malaysia Pasha Zulkefli  


Deo Grech is Maltese. Lives in the small village of Kalkara. Born on 16th October 1974, libra.

Graduated from university of malta in b.ed. (hons) as teacher in 97. Completed an intensive 3 year course in theatre and drama in 2000 and evenetually started teaching drama and doing theatre. He is the director of the theatre group "Cocoon" and co-founder of "Artistic Performing Arts" Centre.

Is also very involved in the Eurovision Song Contest, being club president of O.G.A.E. Malta - the Maltese Eurovision Fan Club since 2000. Is also the producer and presenter of the weekly radio show "Eurovision Radio" on Malta's leading radio station - super ONE radio.

Writes lyrics for various popular singers on the island and has won several awards namely: Malta International Song Contest; Super ONE Song Festival; People's Ode Song Contest; Unity's Melody Song Contest; Fresh Youth Song Contest and also various other awards from International Song Festivals. Has taken part three times, to-date, at the Malta Song for Europe - in 2003 with "Rain of Fire"; in 2004 with "A Simple Wish" and "24/7" and in 2005 with "Love is the reason". All songs with Natasha & Charlene, except for "24/7" which was with Andreana.

Together with Colin Acton (UK) founded the Online Song Contest with the idea of bringing together as many people as possible sharing music from their countries and thus creating a song contest which is held periodically on internet. The idea has proven to be a successful one.

Netherlands Ruben
New Zealand


I enjoy all things Eurovision and have participated in the majority of OSC Contents, but not all. My favourite music is time locked in the 1980's, although I am a huge Kylie fan, and now have a deep appreciation for Delta Goodrem (Kylie's heir apparent).

Norway Trond


Participating in OSC since the begining, but I had a break. I live (again after a little break) in Warsaw. I'm interesting in Eurovision Song Contest since 1981, but also I fall in love with Kate Bush the years ago, I love the music (including classical, jazz and folk), movie, theatre and good literature. However I work as an accoutant (he he I remember the jokes of Monty Python about an accoutant, maybe I'm so boring...:).

I am a member of OGAE Poland and last year I won the second karaoke conest during our OGAE convent with Prisluhni me (I like this song a lot, but my number one are Sweden 98 and France 91).



My name is Pedro, and I represent Portugal since OSC 1. My biggest interests are Eurovision, music, languages, food, drinking, internet and politics.

My favourite ESC song ever is Luxembourg 1965, well, only Germany 1996 would have beaten favourite band are the Pet Shop Boys, my favourite song ever hummm...probably Alan Parsons Project's "Don't Answer Me" favourite Portuguese songs ever...two of the songs I selected for OSC 4 pre-selection...Pedro Abrunhosa & Bandemónio's "Viagens" and Xutos & Pontapés' "1º de Agosto".

Glad to be with you here :D

Romania Liviu
Russia Vince  
Serbia Mirjana  
Spain Valentin
Sweden Nathan
Turkey Orhan
Ukraine Tristán  
United Kingdom Rajmund  
USA André